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Alternatively, you can contact me via email or over the phone.

Email: kenfowler AT fowler DASH tours DOT co DOT uk

Phone details
+ 44 (0)1327 263764 (Landline)
+ 44 (0)7969 665983 (Mobile)

Sometimes I may not be able to answer my mobile as I may be with touring guests. However, I can usually find a moment to respond briefly via email to, perhaps, confirm my availability for a short notice tour enquiry. Therefore, if I am unable to answer your call to my mobile, would you kindly send your enquiry to me via email and I will respond as quickly as I possibly can. Thank you.

Please be aware of our local time when you ring. Thank you.

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Suggested hotels and pubs in the Cotswolds

I hope you find these links helpful:

Hotels in Burford:
Lamb Inn Hotel, Burford
Bay Tree Hotel, Burford
Bull Hotel, Burford
Cotswolds Gateway Hotel, Burford
Golden Pheasant Hotel, Burford

Best pub with food and accommodation near Burford
Swan Inn at Swinbrook