Private home and garden visit - starting October 2017

A number of my customers have told me that they would love to see inside a Cotswold home and private garden. An old friend in Burford has therefore agreed to open up her lovely home and garden to my customers only, for a private visit. My friend is a garden designer and has a beautiful home in the heart of Burford. She is opening her home and garden to raise money for the Burford Museum so she will be asking for a £10.00 per head donation, which should be paid in cash directly to her on the day please. We will have to fit in with my friends' diary, so visits are of course subject to her availability. This is a very rare, and special opportunity to get 'behind the scenes' of the Cotswolds, and have a nice cup of tea, and a chat, at the same time!

Please let me know if you wish to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, at the time of booking. Please note that this private visit is only available during one of my private tours. For more information please contact me.